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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Irina Petrache, MD, ATSF ATS President
Raed Dweik, MD, MBA, ATSF ATS President-Elect
Michelle Ng Gong, MD, MS ATS Secretary
M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF ATS Immediate Past President
Jesse Roman, MD, ATSF ATS Treasurer
Karen J. Collishaw, MPP, CAE ATS Chief Executive Officer
Donna Appell, RN Chair, ATS Public Advisory Roundtable
Alison K. Bauer, PhD, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Environmental, Occupational and Population Health
Sarah Beesley, MD, MSc Chair, Council of Chapter Representatives
Debra M. Boyer, MD, MPHE Chair, International Conference Committee
Margaret Ann Carno, PhD, MBA, RN, CPNP, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Nursing
Mark Cohen-Todd, MD Presidential Appointee (Latin America)
Vinicio A. de Jesus Perez, MD, FCCP, FAHA, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Pulmonary Circulation
Rachael Evans, MBChB, FRCP, PhD Chair, Assembly on Pulmonary Rehabilitation
C. Terri Hough, MD, MSc, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Critical Care
Ravi Kalhan, MD, MS Chair, Assembly on Clinical Problems
Hasmeena Kathuria, MD, ATSF Presidential Appointee (Tobacco Action Committee)
Jason P. Kirkness, PhD Presidential Appointee (Drug/Device Discovery and Development)
Terri A. Laguna, MD, Msci, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Pediatrics
Kenneth Olivier, MD, MPH, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Pulmonary Infections and Tuberculosis
Robert L. Owens, MD, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology
Valerie Press, MD, MPH, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Behavioral Science and Health Services Research
Elizabeth Redente, PhD, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology
Angela Rogers, MD, MPH, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation
Christopher G. Slatore, MD, MS Chair, Assembly on Thoracic Oncology
Tisha Wang, MD, ATSF Chair, Steering Committee on Advancement and Learning
Jason Woods, PhD, ATSF Chair, Assembly on Respiratory Structure and Function


Non-voting Observers
Lynn M. Schnapp, MD, ATSF Chair, Council of ATS
Gregory Tino, MD, ATSF, FCCP, FACP Treasurer-elect