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Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR)

PAR Planning
The 2023-24 ATS Public Advisory Roundtable

The ATS Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) is an essential part of the ATS structure. Comprised of CEOs and other executive staff of 12-15 respiratory-related patient interest organizations, they work collaboratively to advance the mission of the ATS. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where collaboration advances shared educational, research, and advocacy goals.

PAR brings the patient perspective to our Society and provides strategic guidance at multiple levels throughout our governance structure to keep patients as a central focus of all activities and programs. A member of PAR is appointed to standing ATS committees, shaping policy, and stimulating research in an unparalleled synergy.

The ATS Public Advisory Roundtable is staffed by Nusrat Aparna, MPH ( PAR is part of the Strategic Alliances department, led by Michelle Turenne (

Have questions or want to get involved? Email the PAR Chair and staff at