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About the ATS Research Program

Research Program

20 Years of Supporting Early Career Investigators

To advance discovery, the organization established the ATS Research Program in 2004. Since then, the program has supported 302 studies that have resulted in significant advances in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. These improvements include better understanding of lung diseases, stem cell applications, pulmonary fibrosis therapeutics, acute lung injury insights, and sleep hygiene.

Why it matters: The ATS Research Program plays a vital role in advancing lung health, benefiting healthcare providers and patients alike. Its support of groundbreaking research results in valuable insights and improved medical treatments.

By the numbers: Leveraging an investment of over $24M, the ATS Research Program has secured an additional $880M in NIH funding to further research in respiratory health.

The big picture: The ATS Research Program's remarkable record of successful outcomes demonstrates its tremendous impact on the field. It has also fostered the careers of early-career investigators, ensuring a pipeline of talent for future healthcare advancements.

What's next: The ATS Research Program remains dedicated to advancing lung health through continued support for scientific research and the development of innovative treatments. Please donate now to lend a hand to the next generation of researchers.

The ATS Research Program leveraged its investment of more than $24M for 302 scientific researchers to gain well over $880M in additional NIH Funding

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Read more history from AJRCCM: The American Thoracic Society Research Program (ATSRP) – 20 Years of Driving Discovery in Respiratory Medicine, Feb 28, 2024

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