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Chapter List

See list of chapter names, officers and administrators, Some chapters have websites with more information. For contact information for chapters email Kimberly Lawrence at

California Thoracic Society

President: George Su, MD
President-Elect: Tisha Wang, MD
Secretary: Brooks Thomas Kuhn, MD, MAS
Treasurer: Jessica Goggin, PhD, MAS, RN
Immediate Past President: Michelle Cao, MD
Chapter Administrator: Jason Seidler

Colorado Thoracic Society

President: John D. Mitchell, MD
Vice-President: Carol Welsh, MD
Councilor: Carol Welsh, MD

Metropolitan DC Thoracic Society

President: Alan Nyquist, MD (INOVA Fairfax Hospital)
Vice President: Darling A. Ruiz Cerrato, MD (Medstar WHC)
Immediate Past President: Anna McLean, MD (George Washington University)
Secretary: Folasade O. Ogunlesi, MD (Children's National)
Board Member: Jalil Ahari, MD (George Washington Hospital)
Board Member: Christine Fleury, MD (Medstar Georgetown)
Board Member: Nicholas Ghionni, DO (Medstar WHC)
Board Member /Councilor: Robin Gross, MD (Medstar Georgetown)
Board Member: Kadija Hersi, MD (NIH)
Board Member: Nikhil Huprikar, MD (WRNMMC)
Board Member: Steven Kariya, MD (Suburban Hospital)
Board Member: Anastassios Koumbourlis, MD, MPH (Children's National)
Board Member: Alem Mehari, MD (Howard)
Board Member: Parker Ruhl, MD (NIH)
Board Member: Alicia Thomas, MD (Howard)
Board Member: Christopher Thomas, MD (INOVA Fairfax Hospital)
Board Member: Alicia Thomas, MD (Howard)
Fellow Representative: Kaitlyn Kuntzman, MD (Children’s National)
Fellow Representative: Jared Wilkinson (INOVA Fairfax Hospital)
Fellow Representative: Randy Bitrus (Medstar Georgetown)
Fellow Representative: Mansi Chaurvedi (NIH/University of Maryland)

Florida Thoracic Society

President: William Miller, MD, MS
Vice President: M. Raheel Qureshi, MD

Indiana Thoracic Society

President: Ioana Cristea, MD
Councilor: Sarah E. Bauer, MD
Chapter Administrator: Karen Shirey

Louisiana Thoracic Society

President: Robert Holladay, MD
Councilor: Kevin Reed, MD

Massachusetts Thoracic Society

President: Kai Saukkonen, MD
Vice President: Sydney Montesi, MD
Secretary: Finn Hawkins, MD
Treasurer: Asha Anandaiah, MD
Immediate Past President: Peter Barkin, MD
Councilor: Sydney Montesi, MD
Chapter Administrator: Anila Kraja

Michigan Thoracic Society

President: Paul Bozyk, MD (Royal Oak)
President-Elect: Najia Huda, MD (Sterling Heights)
Secretary-Tresaurer: TBD
Immediate Past President: Fauziya Hassan, MD (Ann Arbor)
CCR Representative: Samya Z. Nasr, MD (Ann Arbor)
Members at Large: Heidi Flori, MD (Ann Arbor)
Members at Large: Stephen Doyle, MD (Grand Rapids)
Members at Large: Zahia Esber, MD (Detroit)
Members at Large: Rania Esteitie, MD (Saginaw)
Chapter Administrator: Angie Kemppainen, CAE

Mississippi Thoracic Society

President: Jessie Harvey, MD
Councilor: George E. Abraham, MD
Chapter Administrator: Ellie Hales

New Jersey Thoracic Society

President: Sabiha Hussain, MD
Vice-President: Yonatan Greenstein, MD
Secretary-Treasurer: Deborah Kim, MD
Immediate Past President: Anne Sutherland, MD
Councilor: Jag Sunderram, MD
Government Affairs Representative: Alfred Lardizabal, MD
Chapter Administrator: Melody Shaffer

New Mexico Thoracic Society

President: Ross Davidson, DO
Immediate Past-President: Nour Assad, MD
Vice President: James T Dean, DO
Secretary / Treasurer: Vanessa Josef, MD
Council of Chapters Representative: Hayley Israel, MD, MHS
Planning Committee Members: Sarah Medrek, MD, Dona Upson, MD, Polly Dendy, BSRT, RRT-NPS
Chapter Administrator: Samantha Roudabush, BS Ed, RRT-ACCS

New York State Thoracic Society

President: Ioana Amzuta, MD, FCCP, D-ABSM
President Elect: Meredith L. Turetz, MD
Past President: Oleg Epelbaum, MD
Vice President: Manoj Jacob Mammen, MD, MS, ATSF
Secretary: Shari Brosnahan, MD
Treasurer: Morgan I. Soffler, MD
Chapter Administrator: Andrea Hadcock

North Carolina Thoracic Society

President: Sweta Patel, MD (Duke University)
Vice-President: Ross Hoffman, MD (Asheville Pulmonary)
Secretary-Treasurer: Verranna Maddipati, MD (East Carolina University)
Executive Director: Roy Pleasants, PharmD
Immediate Past President: Praveen Mannam, MD
Councilor: Chad Kloefkorn, MD (Duke University)

Oklahoma Thoracic Society

President: Houssein Youness, MD
Councilor: Cory Cross, MD
Chapter Administrator: Delisa McKinzie

Oregon Thoracic Society

President: Karen Wesenberg, MD
President-Elect: Ethan Corcoran, MD, PhD
Secretary: Brad Glavin, MD
Past President: Holly Vanni, MD
Conference Co-Chair: Jeffrey Robinson, MD
Conference Co-Chair: Ryan Clay, MD
Councilor: Svetlana (Lana) Kotova, MD
Chapter Administrator: Paul Hiller

South Carolina Thoracic Society

President/Councilor: Eddie Kilb, MD
Vice President: Abhijit Raval, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Harrison Smith, MD
Chapter Administrator: Sara Frampton

Utah Thoracic Society

President/Chair of Finance Committee: Krishna Sunda, MD
President-Elect/Councilor: Sarah Beesley, MD, MSc
Vice President: Jeanette Brown MD, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer/Chair of Membership Committee: Denitza Blagev, MD
Chair of Advocacy Committee/Government Affairs Rep: Sean Callahan, MD

Washington State Thoracic Society

President: Erik Swenson, MD
Secretary-Treasurer: Martha Billings, MD
Immediate Past President: John Clark, MD
Councilor: Kathleen Horan, MD
Chapter Administrator: Season Oltmann

For contact information for chapters email Kimberly Lawrence at


Thoracic Society Chapter Meetings
Washington State Jan. 19-21, 2024 Chest Disease Conference
Utah Jan. 1 - Feb 3, 2024 Critical Care Ultrasound and Echocardiography Summit
Oregon Feb. 8-11, 2024 62nd Annual Oregon Thoracic Society Chest Disease Conference
New Mexico Feb. 17, 2024 51st Annual New Mexico Thoracic Society Symposium
California Mar. 7-10, 2024 California Thoracic Society Annual Education Conference
South Carolina Mar. 23, 2024 2024 South Carolina Thoracic Society Annual Meeting
Massachusetts Apr. 4, 2024 77th Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Thoracic Society
New York State Apr. 11-12, 2024 2024 Annual New York State Thoracic Society Conference
New Jersey Apr. 19, 2024 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting
Oklahoma  May 4, 2024 Hammarsten Thoracic Conference


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