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Official ATS Documents

Documents, including all drafts, remain privileged information and will not be released to the press or the public before publication, unless it is done under embargo, under the auspices of the ATS Communications staff. Again, the ATS does not wish to hinder scientist-to-scientist communication, and committee members may discuss documents with their peers in general terms prior to publication. However, committee members may not distribute any draft or portion of any draft to their peers or to the press. Committee members may not state or imply that documents or positions are approved or endorsed by the ATS until the ATS Board of Directors has issued its final approval. Scientists may feel free to discuss previously published results, but should not comment on final conclusions or recommendations expected to be included in the document. The American Thoracic Society is the official author of all ATS documents, and the ATS holds the copyrights to the document and all working drafts.