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2024 Respiratory Health Award Recipients Announced

Awardees will be formally recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field at the ATS 2024 International Conference.

New York, NY – April 23, 2024 – The American Thoracic Society has announced the awardees of the 2024 Respiratory Health Awards. All 15 awardees will be formally recognized as part of the ATS 2024 International Conference in San Diego. The awards represent outstanding respiratory health contributions through various means, from research and diagnosis to education and advocacy.

The Respiratory Health Awards will be presented at several events during ATS 2024. Register now to attend.

Edward Livingston Trudeau Medal – recognizes major contributions to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease, critical illness, or sleep disorders through leadership in research, education or clinical care, and acknowledges exemplary professionalism, collegiality and citizenship in the ATS community.
David S. Wilkes, MD (Charlottesville, Va.)

Randall Curtis Humanism Award – recognizes and celebrates individuals whose work reflects the ideals espoused by Dr. Curtis throughout his career of compassion, humanism, and mentorship. The recipient should reflect these values in daily practice and to continuously strive to be exemplars of humanism in health care.
Thanh H. Neville, MD, MSHS (Los Angeles)

Burns Amberson Lecture - recognizes major contributions to clinical or basic research that have advanced our fundamental understanding of the basic, translational, or clinical approaches to respiratory disease, critical illness, or sleep disorders.
Moises Selman, MD (Mexico City, Mexico)

Distinguished Achievement Award – recognizes individuals who have made outstanding major contributions that advance the ATS’s mission. Awardees have made substantial contributions to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease, critical illness, or sleep disorders through advocacy, training, and mentorship.
Jeffrey L. Curtis, MD, ATSF (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
Sonye K. Danoff, MD, PhD, ATSF (Baltimore)

Jo Rae Wright Award for Outstanding Science - recognizes demonstrated potential for significant achievement and contributions. This award is aimed at the rising generation of individuals who will be tomorrow’s leaders in science.
Georgios Kitsios, MD, PhD (Pittsburgh)

Public Service Award - recognizes contributions to public and population health equity related to, for example, improvement of air quality, eradication of tobacco usage, prevention of lung disease, advocacy, improved management of communicable respiratory diseases, or improvement in the ethical delivery, and access to health care in areas related to lung diseases, sleep health, or critical care.
Raj Kumar, MD (Delhi, India)

World Lung Health Award - recognizes contributions to improving world lung health in translational or implementation research, health care delivery, continuing education or care of patients with lung disease, or related political advocacy with a special emphasis on efforts that have the potential to eliminate gender, racial, ethnic, or economic health disparities worldwide.
Sundeep Santos Salvi, MD, PhD (Pune, India)

Recognition Award for Scientific Accomplishments - recognizes outstanding scientific contributions in basic or clinical arenas to enhance the understanding, prevention and treatment of respiratory disease, critical illness, or sleep disorders and recognizes exemplary professionalism, collegiality and citizenship through mentorship and scientific involvement in the ATS community.
Scott H. Randell, PhD (Chapel Hill, N.C.)
Larissa A. Shimoda, MS, PhD (Baltimore)
Carol Feghali-Bostwick, MS, PhD (Charleston, S.C.)
Patricia J. Sime, MD, ATSF (Richmond, Va.)

Outstanding Educator Award - recognizes lifetime achievements and excellence in clinical or research education and mentoring in pulmonary, critical care or sleep medicine.
Tisha S. Wang, MD, ATSF (Los Angeles)

Research Innovation and Translation Achievement Award - recognizes outstanding contributions to the advancement of respiratory research focused on specific innovations in practice, policy, and health care delivery. This includes but is not limited to drug/device discovery and development, implementation and regulatory science, as well as basic, translational, clinical, public health and health services research.
Martha A. Q. Curley, RN, PhD (Philadelphia)

Outstanding Clinician Award - recognizes an individual who has made substantial contributions in the clinical care of patients with lung disease on a local or national level.
Moira L. Aitken, MD (Seattle)

To learn more about the 2024 Respiratory Health Awards, visit our website.