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Global Health

Global Health Benchmarks, 2023-2024

• Develop Global Health Roadmap and finalize the document at Leadership Summit 2022.

• Continue regular meetings of the ATS IHC International Health Forum, and identify themes and deliverables for each meeting.

• Implement the 5-year MECOR Strategic Plan. Priority areas include: Faculty and Student Development, Alumni Engagement, Curriculum, and Growth Strategies.

• Continue to promote the MECOR research award program and develop additional funding mechanisms. Develop additional fundraising opportunities.

• Evaluate existing relationships with peer organizations to generate value for international members.

• Continue to organize and implement the ATS International Scholarship Program and the MECOR Scholarship Program.

• Continue to organize and host the International Scholars Poster Colloquium, either in-person or virtually. Work with the International Conference Committee and Learning Council to ensure the recommendations are aligned.

• Organize the Respiratory Societies of Americas program.

• Nominate international candidates for ATS Respiratory Health Awards.

• This committee is responsible for reviewing content it has previously posted to the ATS website to determine if it should be updated and moved to the new site or archived/deleted. Using parameters established by the ATS Digital Content Committee as a guideline, committee members will make necessary modifications to ensure the content is accurate and conforms with established ATS standards. Reviews are to be completed by December 1, 2023.