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ATS Policy for Publishing New Data, Effective February 2016

It is the policy of the ATS that all scientific research-related content included in an abstract to be presented at the ATS International Conference be withheld until after the abstract has been presented at the conference. This includes all interim and final results, whether or not endpoints were met, and any other data that would indicate study results.

Exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis if:

  • the company in question can demonstrate that it is legally-mandated to issue a news release prior to the conference OR
  • study results have been submitted to

Data or numbers should not be included in a news release; the scientific content should include only legally required information.

The research-related content of the release should also state that the final results will be presented at the ATS International Conference, if that information has been confirmed.

Any questions about the policy should be directed to Dacia Morris, Media Relations Specialist, at or 212-315-8620.