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ATS Media Releases and Complimentary Online Subscriptions for Journalists

Each month, the ATS distributes a press release highlighting the most newsworthy articles in that month's publication. These press releases are reviewed in advance by the appropriate journal editor and the ATS scientific consultant, to ensure scientific integrity and faithfulness to the original manuscript. The ATS notifies authors in advance when their studies are expected to garner media attention, and obtains permission to distribute contact information to the press. Journalists are given the names and contact information for the authors, and are given access to full text of the articles through complimentary online subscriptions, or by request. All journalists who agree to respect the embargo policy are offered advance news releases and the opportunity to apply for a complimentary online subscription to the journals. This ensures fair and equal access for all journalists who respect the embargo policy. Any journalist who violates the embargo policy will be removed from the distribution list and his or her online subscription will be cancelled.